School Experience

What Your Child Will Experience:

  • All of our children are supervised and taught by excellent, qualified and caring staff members.
  • Our philosophy envisions the overall holistic partnership between children, their parents and their family interactions.  By extension, the staff at Little Life Learning Center strives to strengthen family bonds and to reinforce the values shared by the parents and the Christian faith.
  • Each child is evaluated to that they can be taught and guided according to their individual level of development.
  • Our building is decorated in a child friendly theme and provides an environment to stimulate interest and to help engage the developing minds of our students.
  • Following research which demonstrates that several things contribute to brain development, we prepare our curriculum, the building decor/aesthetics and learning environment to maximize intellectual and behavioral maturity.  We provide times of structured activity to stimulate the left brain and provide other time for creativity to allow our children to express their right brain creative side.