Active Learning

Toddler Age Group
(12 – 24 months)

Full of energy and excitement!  At Little Life Learning Center we know that this is a natural part of growing and learning. We’ll focus their energy with:

  • Motor Skill Development — tossing, catching, rolling, walking.
  • Language Development — reading time and speech development
  • Music and Movement — dancing, singing, toys and outdoor play.
  • Basic Concepts — increase awareness of basic concepts, like shapes and colors.
  • Artistic Development — art and craft projects.

Preschool Age Group
(24 Months – 36 Months)

Children become more and more curious. Playing pretend, learning games, and participating in hands-on activities. These are just a few of the ways we keep kids engaged with. But all these games and activities are done to encourage and develop in a number of key areas. Our teachers plan developmental appropriate small group interactions to work closely with your child to assure mastery of developmental tasks. Your child will also participate in large group activities to explore concepts and enjoy early literacy experiences.

  • Motor Skill Development — hands-on activities, outdoor play, tossing, catching.
  • Cognitive Development — puzzles, games, recognizing shapes, numbers, colors.
  • Language Development — reading, recognizing and forming letters, storytelling.
  • Artistic Development — art projects, craft projects, dramatic play.

Lil Pre- K Ages Programs
(3 – 4 years old)

Preschoolers are like knowledge sponges. At Little Life Learning Center we want our children  ages 3-4 to growth and learn with days filled with fun activities.

Social, verbal, cognitive and physical skills are being built at these ages. Through large groups and small, individualized instruction, your child will work on early literacy and math skills daily.

  • Motor Skill Development — outdoor games, dancing, movement.
  • Language Development — recognizing and forming letters, storytime, speech.
  • Imaginative Development — arts and crafts, dramatic play, storytelling.
  • Social Development — large- and small-group activities, sharing, cooperation.

Pre-K & Kindergarten Prep
(4 – 5 years old)

This age group is for children who are just starting kindergarten and for those who aren’t quite old enough to start kindergarten.  It is also appropriate for those who need some extra skill building before starting school.

At this age we will focus on academic skills like:

  • Word building and decoding
  • Reading and writing common sight words
  • Counting up and back, and by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
  • Adding and Subtracting
  • Understanding Fractions

We’ll also help your child develop critical learning skills needed for elementary school like:

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Taking turns
  • Managing work independently
  • Waiting and patience skills
  • Handling strong emotions
  • Following directions
  • Critical thinking (reasoning and analyzing)